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"Beautiful Music" - Steve Hackett

"Just when you’ve despaired of ever hearing a British prog band create the real thing again, you are rescued by a Yak" - Kinesis Prog Rock CD's

Nick May of 'Whimwise' - former guitarist with 'the ENID' says:

"I bought this the other day , at some gig or other .   Very tasteful atmospheres . -  Great stuff!!"

Joe Shingler who writes reviews for Prognaut says:

"You guys are absolutely phenomenal ...easily my favorite MySpace discovery - What can I say other than to rate this album a perfect 10 out of 10."

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Album: Journey of the Yak
Genre: Melodic Progressive Rock - Instrumental

Produced by Gertrude Luxury at Penguin Studios, released on 14th November 2008 by Yaksongs© about the crack of half past eleven
Keyboards: Martin Morgan
Drums: Dave Speight
Bass: Gary Bennett
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