New Yak Mug Unveiled
On the Music page of this site where you can select the albums you may want to order, there is also an option for a Yak Mug ! (tea not included)

You may have read in yesterday's Telegraph that the very first one was ordered & shipped to Continental Europe in secret to avoid crowds gathering outside the house of the very first person to own one. To maintain secrecy I shall refer to Stan as Mr X.

Below are some images kindly supplied by Mr X of the article; serial number #1
As you can see, the mug itself is of a tubular design, completely closed and 100% waterproof at the bottom with a convenient opening at the top - facilitating entry for the beverage of your choice.

The agreeable handle has been designed to comfortably accommodate both a left, right & even ambidextrous audience whilst maintaining a perfect and harmonious balance in the most demanding of culinary situations

Stress tested and normalised to 0db, this mug will provide many years of fine service for progressive rock fans of all ages !
To order your mug and be the envy of some people somewhere, just visit the Music page & tick the appropriate box on the order form.

The £10 asking price covers the mug & postage to the UK & Europe. For other destinations, please ask & I will find out what the costs are.

Thanks !
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