3rd June

Posted 65 copies of Quest for the Stones today, raising £100's for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

1st June - New Album Launch Day... or is it?

Yes, they collected on Friday for delivery on Monday between 0830 & 1830. So I call at 1600 
to ask if they are still coming as couriers don't tend to come out to us after about 1500 as we are quite off the beaten track - Don't worry, these are special couriers & they work late - Oh, OK then.

10 mins later -they ring to say there has been a delay & they'll be here tomorrow :(

22nd May

1st order received for the new album despite the order link not yet being live !  I spoke to the manufacturer on Friday & they assure me I will have them next week although they cant confirm the day till next week. 

15th May 

Quest for the Stones should be delivered within a week or so !

8th December

Veil of Aeternum is now mixed and mastered ! - Just waiting for Dave to get to the UK to record the drums for the title track and then we ought to be OK for a Q1 release ! (well Q2 then...)

5th July  - New Interview

A new interview was just published on Progarchives - check it out HERE

3rd July - Voice of the Stones

The opener of the new album is now written & will feature live church organ from the Chapel of St. Percy at Bradwell-on-Sea - assuming we can locate the key

1st June - Vale of Aeternum

Just finished writing the last track on the new album (Quest for the Stones) - its the longest YAK piece yet at some 17 minutes - Just got to finish writing the rest of it now ! - Time has been a serious issue in the past 12 months as you might be able to glean from the diary entry frequency.

25th August - Quick Plug for a Brilliant Artist

Having had a chat with fellow Camel enthusiast Duncan Storr I thought I would link to his artwork site where you can look at his incredible "Progressive" creations ! Duncan has done loads of album covers including Hawkwind's 'Live Chronicles" album - check Duncan's site HEREHis paintings are inspirational.  

8th August - New Review on Progarchives

A very nice review of Journey of the Yak was just published on Progarchives.com by Scott Tuffnell aka AtomicCrimsonRush - check it out here or on the review page of this site here

20th July - Rick Wakeman plays 'Journey of the Yak' on Planet Rock

On Rick's 17th July Saturday Morning show at about 35 minutes in, you can hear "Gates of Moria" played & discussed ! - a link to the play again widget is HERE - although I think this will disappear by Saturday

2nd June - Radio Interview Goes Out

The program went out last Sunday at 6 pm !! - You can listen to it or download it as a podcast - takes about 15 mins on an average broadband connection to download - about 336meg

Here the program HERE  Its the show dated the 29th May

12th April - off to see Wilf

Off to record a radio show tomorrow evening with Wilf from the European Perspective show which airs on the Dividing Line Radio Station !

The show is a 'play' on Desert Island Discs and is called "Desert Island Prog" ! - Wilf plays Kirsty Young, but has assured me he won't flirt. eheh

I'll post a link to the show as soon as it is available!

16th April - Great New Review !

An excellent new review was published today at Progmeister.com, a website dedicated to lovers of progressive rock ! - check it out HERE or on the reviews page of this site HERE

12th February - Steve Hackett

We got an e mail from Steve Hackett who described Journey of the Yak as "Beautiful music" - pretty cool huh? - I'm off for a beer to celebrate eheh

1st February - 2010

Classic Rock Presents PROG mag issue 6 (Feb/March) is out now & we are on page 28 ! - I have a copy of the article here if you want to have a look - its a PDF file.

31st December - Happy New Year

Yak will be featuring in the January edition of the Classic Rock Presents PROG mag ! - so watch out for it in the shops !

19th November - Competition at Caerllysi Music

Caerllysi Music are offering a signed copy of Journey of the Yak on their site ! - see their site HERE to enter the competition !

18th November - Interview

The Yak Interview is published with Tommy Larsen of Caerllysi Music ! - see it HERE or on the Caerllysi Music website HERE (look on the right of the page & scroll down a bit)

Caerllysi Music are in Wales & specialise in all things Prog !

10th November - The First Ring CD

The CD is now available - see the page I have set up about it here

4th October - The Dividing Line Radio Show

Today's "European Prospective" radio show by 'Wilf' on the Dividing Line Radio station featured the "best of British Prog" and included the new version of "Aragorn" which was recently recorded for the album "The First Ring".

30th September - Classic Rock Presents PROG

Issue 4 of this magazine is out today & features the title track of the 'Journey of the Yak' album on the CD that comes with the magazine - along with 8 other bands including The ENID & Secret Green. The magazine is available from WH Smiths in the UK

22nd September - Mug

The newly designed luxury Yak tea/coffee mug was unveiled today amid a frenzy of media interest & excitement in the Netherlands. See here for more details

19th September - CD Sales

Sales of Journey of the Yak have surpassed 500 now (526) which is excellent news as thousands have been raised for the charity Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

On 30th September, issue 4 of the Classic Rock Magazine Presents PROG will be issued in the UK and the title track of the 'Journey' album will be on the FREE CD that comes with the mag - so check it out !

28th August - Journey of the Yak Video

I have created a video for the title track of this album set to scenes from the animal sanctuary that the CD sale cash goes to - was a right sod to upload as it came to 216meg !

Check it out here  

19th August - Kinesis

The CD is also now on sale with Kinesis Progressive Rock CD's in the USA

This is what they say about the album:

"This 2008 instrumental CD is one of the best British progressive rock albums in recent memory, pure classic prog, close to Genesis (or Steve Hackett solo) and Camel. Yak are a keys/bass/drums trio, but their sound is bigger than that -- after hearing this, you will swear that there is a guitarist in the band, one who has the expressive Hackett/Latimer lead style nailed! In fact, keyboardist Martin Morgan is playing the guitar parts from a keyboard, the best emulation of that sustained electric guitar style we’ve ever heard. Of course a guitarist or two will be required live, as the guitar and keyboard sounds are layered. Just when you’ve despaired of ever hearing a British prog band create the real thing again, you are rescued by a Yak"

Check out their site HERE

10th August - Musea in France

The CD is now available from Musea in France - see HERE

July 23rd - Japan

The new album is now on sale in a shop called Garden Shed in Tokyo ! Cool huh? They specialise in Prog, so why not pop in if you're passing !!

We have also been offered a distribution deal by Musea in France - so the album will shortly be on sale via their website too - I'll post the details as soon as this is sorted

Looks like 'the First Ring' album will be ready in September. I will post the details as soon as I know for sure.

July 2nd - CDS

Compact Disc Services (CDS) in Dundee are promoting and selling the "Journey of the Yak" album and have published a review to all their members - read it here  

So the album is now available direct from this Site, in Scotland, The Netherlands, France & in the USA !

June 25th - Aragorn

The new version which has been prepared for the First Ring album (which is being released in France in August in memory of JRR) is finally complete & I have set a sampler of it streaming on the myspace page here.

It is similiar to the old version in many respects, but uses a different soundset + of course Dave Speight on drums & Gary Bennett on bass. I have also developed the track a little...

Dave is at Glastonbury at the mo playing with Nick May's Whimwise

June 8th - Journey of the Yak reviewed by CRS

Richard Watts publishes a review of this album in the June/July issue of the Classic Rock Society Magazine ! - check it out on the reviews page HERE

June 7th - Aragorn

The new version of Aragorn is recorded bar the bass (all being well Wednesday will see to that!) & then hopefully it will get mixed & mastered & off the France in time to make the First Ring album ! - some sneak MP3 clips may appear on myspace soon (ish)

May 23rd - In the Studio

Mr Speight & I will be recording the track for "the First Ring" (see below) this weekend (in between mucking out etc etc). The Bass will go down later!

May - 22nd - New Review by Jerry Lucky

A few months back I saw a book advertised by the Clasic Rock Society called the Progressive Rock Handbook written by Jerry Lucky. This drew me to Jerry's website where I read a lot of his reviews and thoughts on progressive music over the years. I made contact and send Jerry a copy of the new album for his perusal.

Jerry has just published a wonderful review which you can read on the Reviews page - or on Jerry's website which is Here

May 20th - Classic Rock Presents PROG Magazine..

...is published today. This is issue No 2 of the new quarterly Prog dedicated magazine. Check out our advert on page 24 of this issue !

April - 17th - The First Ring Album

Yak have been asked to provide a track for a compilation album coming out in the Summer. It is called 'The First Ring' & yes, all the material has to be about or inspired by Tolkien ! There are 13 bands taking part - more news to follow.

See, here is some more - The myspace page of Fabien who is pulling the album together is here. There are some artwork images in the pictures section !

Also, the 'Journey of the Yak' album is now also available from Progpulsion in France as well as Synphonic Music in the States.

300 copies sold so far raising several thousand for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.

March update

A 10 out of 10 review of "Journey of the Yak" was published by ProgNaut.com on 3rd Feb - I have uploaded it to the reviews page here

January 17th - Album of the Month !

The website "Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal" have just told me that they have made "Journey of the Yak" their Best Band & Best Album of January 2009 !

You can see their site here and their review here. (comments are on the left) The album cover is now featured on their front page which is great.

January 10th - New Review at GNOSIS

31st December - Reviews Page Updated

2 more excellent reviews from senior reviewers at Progarchives, plus a new one today by Mark Hughes who writes for the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages
Reviews here - Sales now over 100 !

9th December - Interview on the Dividing Line
Broadcast on 7th December the interview includes music from Camel, Genesis as well as from Journey of the Yak. - listen here

3rd December - New Review
A further review has been published on Progarchives by one of their special collaborators Ivan Melgar-Morey in Lima - check it out here 

2nd December - Interview on Saintfm
I was invited to be the guest on Anver Andersons "unsigned" show of radio saintfm. We talked about the album & the music of Yak & Anver played 2 tracks from the album. I will get the show streaming on this site as soon as I get the file.

Also last week, I recorded an interview with David Elliott who has a show on the radio station "the Dividing Line" which is all geared towards progressive rock music. David's show will be going out on air on 7th December and will be available as a podcast from their site 

Also had a mail from Steve Davis who hosts an alternative show on Phoenix FM & is geared towards Prog ! - (Yes the Steve Davis!). He has a copy of the album now, so hopefully some air time may ensue. 

23rd November
Sales up to 80 ! - we had some air time today on the web radio station Delicious Agony.

Coming up on 2nd December we will be on the evening show with Anver Anderson on SaintFM - Plus I am doing an interview for a show on the Dividing Line for a show on 7th December !

15th November
Check out the latest review by Olav Martin Bjørnsen (Windhawk) from Progarchives 4 stars !!

13th November

Sales up to 63 & a great review published by James Unger who writes for 'Ungers Wonderful World of Progressive Rock' as well as other prog review sites - see reviews page HERE

5th November - 54 sales of the new album

2nd November - Journey of the Yak update

36 Cd sales so far !! - plus first impressions from a listener - see the reviews page 

Thank you to the 11 people who bought a copy at the Nort Herts veggies & vegan event on Saturday night

21st October - Update

16 pre-release orders so far received for the new album, which is great news.
To order your copy go to this link here 

11th October - Journey of the Yak Album

Is finally completed. It has been a real struggle what with managing a full time job & at home, 400 rescued animals !! - There is hardly a minute spare...However we have managed to get the album recorded, mixed and mastered and it is now with the company who will produce the finished product.

There are 6 tracks and the whole album is just under 49 minutes. Some of the tracks have been streaming on the Yak Myspace account for some time, but these were draft versions - all keyboards in fact. This album features Dave Speight on Drums and Gary Bennett on Bass, plus me on Keyboards.

The tracks are:

Gates of Moria - 3:14
Entangled in Dreams - 10:15
Jadis of Charn - 11:31
March of the Huorns - 12:15
Dearly Departed - 3:09
Journey of the Yak - 8:32

The album is going to be sold exclusively to raise funds for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and the price is £10. All £10 will go to the Sanctuary to go towards the feed costs of the 400 rescued animals.

You can if you prefer, send a cheque payable to "Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary" to the Sanctuary at: Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ. Clearly if you would like to donate more than £10 that would be fantastic. None of your donation will go in admin, salaries or any other expense as the Sanctuary is not run as a business - all donations go towards the feed bill. The Sanctuary's monthly donations = £2600 at the moment & the feed bills alone are £5200, so plus vets fees you can imagine the position...

To send a donation by Paypal to get a copy of the album, click on the link below - dont forget to say who you are & what it is for & where you want the CD posting etc. 

4th June - Firth of Fifth
As some readers already know I have a transcription of the Piano intro of this piece here however the software I used to create it is a tad primitive as explained on the page - Recently however my friend Scott from the band Coralspin took the notes & painstakingly loaded each one delicately into his Cubase program which has the ability to produce a much more professional looking score with the right time signatures in all the right places etc - to see this, click here

19th May - Next CD Launch Date Agreed
The target date is now 7th August at precisely 7 minutes past 8pm

Stay tuned for further updates

25th Feb - Journey of the Yak
The title track of the next album is now finished insofar as it is written ! This completes all the composition of the album, all that remains is to find the time to record it. Hopefully this will be completed over the next 2 months (or 6).

20th December - Christmas Rush
Well it's started, the late present buying frenzy has finally kicked off with no less than 3 CD's being purchased.

13th December - About time I updated the News Page !
...and here is the News:

A few moths ago I was contacted by Dave Speight, a drummer from Colchester who was interested in working with me from hearing the music on Myspace. Dave is a working musician and drum tutor who is currently playing with a few top notch gigging bands & it was a real privilege that he should choose to contact me. Dave plays in Peter Banks' band who are called 'Harmony in Diversity', Peter was the original guitarist with Yes no less !. Dave also plays with a band called 'Whimwise' which is the band of Nick May who played guitar with 'The Enid' for several albums. Dave also is now playing with the Hungarian Progressive Rock Band 'Yesterdays'. 

Whimwise have been touring Europe recently, supporting the legendary band Focus & I was lucky enough to go & see them a week or so ago & had a chance to meet Nick & all the band members. Focus were pretty awesome too btw ! - although perhaps a little disappointing that Jan Akkerman is no longer with them on guitar. The new guitarist Neils Van der Steenhoven is a classy player - sounds like a cross between Larry Carlton & Andy Latimer in my opinion, but he is too young to be that good & both him & the bass player don't look particularly like prog players - if you know what I mean. No? well never mind ! He managed to blow his guitar amp during the encore which was quite amusing!

Anyway back to Yak - Dave has enabled me to record drums here at home as he plays electronic drums - they sound so much better than you think they will as this industry has really progressed since the first electronic drums hit the scene. The real beauty of them is that you don't need any microphones ! - just plug into the mixer & record away.

So I have revised my plan of just doing a 2nd studio album using keyboards only - like the first CD - and instead Dave will do the drums & his longstanding partner in crime 'Gary Bennett' from Maldon on Bass. Gary is a professional player too & is part of the REGA Project who work in nearby Latchingdon & record music that is released professionally - on Vinyl !! REGA are analogue specialists & seek to avoid anything digital al all costs - even sometimes having to cross the road ! 

The plan is to get the Album out by March next year & it will be called "Journey of the Yak" & feature the following 6 tracks:

Gates of Moria
Jadis of Charn
Entangled in Dreams
Dearly Departed
March of the Huorns
Journey of the Yak

It should be about 45 minutes long - all being well

If you are interested in getting lessons on the drums & live in Suffolk or Essex, I would be happy to put you in touch with Dave - clearly it depends precisely where you live as to whether Dave can get to you or visa versa.

25th June - Sales Double
In what can only be described as a buying 'frenzy', sales of the last CD, 'The Rutland Chronicles' have doubled overnight ! The executive are due to meet on Thursday to consider the impact & future sales strategy. 

20th May - Yak '07 Fest
The annual Yak rehearsal went ahead at the Metheringham Music Factory (MMF) which is a rehearsal facility in Lincolnshire, just south of Lincoln itself. About 3 days before we received the news that inspite of booking the rehearsal about 6 months ago, our Bassist Max had suddenly realised that he was double booked with some gig in Sheffield, or a haircut, or meal with his GF - I can't remember now - so that was Great wasn't it. Bloody fantastic. Once a year - it's not too much to ask is it? is it?

Unperturbed we went ahead as a three piece & we had a great weekend. The MMF is a great place & really in the middle of nowhere, down a farm track that goes on for such a long way that you really think that it surely can't be down "there", but it is.

Jean, who runs the place is a great host & the MMF has a couple of great sound-proofed rooms. The area is very peaceful & is certainly recommended if you are looking for a place to rehearse in that part of the world.

We focused on learning Jadis of Charn & I will shortly publish some clips & vids on our myspace page here

26th April - New Track
Well, I have at last finished another of the tracks destined for the next studio CD "Journey of the Yak". The track is called 'Jadis of Charn' &  is streaming our Myspace account here

The full track is nearly 11 minutes, but I had to produce a smaller file for the myspace page as they have a max file size limit of 10 meg - so the version there is a mere 8 & a half minutes long ! There are plenty of different sections & time signature changes, so she may take a few play throughs to "get".  Enjoy !

6th March - Yak Designer Clothing Range Launches
Well, there at least 2 luxury Tee shirts now available - see here for more details. (update 2 sold so far!)

17th February - 2007 Yak Moot Update
Well the annual moot is now booked up for 19/20 May & we will be descending on the village of Metheringham in the fair county of Lincolnshire - specifically the Metheringham Music Factory ! Shares in the locally based earplug factory soared on the news but property prices have already started to slump A village meeting is being held on Thursday to discuss options.

During the meanwhilst, the company we have outsourced CD manufacture to is struggling to cope with order of the Rutland Chronicles as numbers toppled into single figures earlier this week. However, with additional temporary staff recruited and trained we expect them to cope adequately at least until the rush does down. Even this week someone filled in the form to order a copy, but failed to say who they were, or which CD they wanted - yes, I know it was you & I am using the latest computer based dowsing model techniques to track you down - expect a knock on the door later tonight ! 

22nd Jan - "The Rutland Chronicles" is released
The long awaited second CD of "jams" is now available, some 8 months after the session was recorded - well these things take time don't they. This was the 2nd historic gathering of the Yaks after the 20 year pause in proceedings and about 6 hours of jamming was recorded - condensed into 68 minutes for this CD. I have posted the "CD cover" onto the Music page here
and adjusted the "order form" at the foot of that page accordingly - as usual the cover price is £8 (+ p&p if you live outside the UK) and ALL proceeds goes to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. 

10th Jan - Melo's Prog Bazaar
Yak are the featured band for the month of January over at Melo's Prog Bazaar - please feel free to drop by & join in the thread which is located here

I am posting some links to special pages in this site which are only available from the links at the Bazaar - so please pop over & post a comment or 3 ! (Update - well 1 would have been nice..)

12th December - Some News at Last
Sorry, not been able to update this site for a while - bit of a rush job of larches on at the woodcutters. The Yak festive moot (8th Dec in Kingsthorpe, Northampton) went well and has inspired some action thus. The long awaited 2nd live CD entitled "The Rutland Chronicles" moves a step closer to being published and to that end a "sample" of the various jams has been delicately prepared & uploaded for your listening pleasure.

It's about three & a half minutes & will give you a feel for what the album sounds like. Here the MP3 here

During the meanwhilst work is continuing, albeit slowly, on a number of tracks which will form the 2nd studio album (Journey of the Yak). I will upload some samples of the tracks as soon as I can. A number are almost finished including, Lugworm, The Wood between the Worlds, Jadis & March of the Huorns.

25th September - New Track
I have been working on a number of new tracks in my spare time & I finally got round to finishing off - at least in draft form - one of them which is called 'Entangled in Dreams'. It is my longest track to date at 9'14" and has a number of different sections to it. I have posted it here and hope that you like it. It is 8.4meg, so I hope you have broadband !! At this length it should only really be taken onto public transport under the supervison of a road safety officer.

1st September - First Review of "Does your Yak Bite?" published
The Progressive Ears website has just published reviews of both the "Dark Side of the Duck" CD and the 2005 Jam session entitled "Does your Yak Bite?". Sales of the latter album have been slow, but following this review we could be into double figures by Christmas ...eheh

But seriously folks, the reviewer at Progressive Ears, has got some really positive things to say about both albums, he clearly doesn't like all the keyboard sounds I have used in the 1st Album, but, has praised the material - which is the main point. He also wants to hear us play the material of DSoTD as a band - which is a plan we are working on, but as we are all busy with stuff, it's going to take time.

I have posted the reviews on the reviews page (I was going to post them on the Links page, but felt that the reviews page was probably more appropriate at the last minute)

If you want to read them in situ at Progressive Ears - click here and then select Reviews & CD reviews & then got to "Y" etc etc

25th Aug - Reviews
Getting some excellent comments on our "Myspace" page - in particular from Joseph Shingler from the band Ghosts of Pompei & also Scott the keyboardist from Coralspin. I have updated the Reviews page accordingly.

1st August - May Jam CD's arrive
Fresh from Ruskin Studios in Northampton my copy of the May Yak rehearsal arrived this morning. The 3 CD set represents the highlights of the Weekend of jamming. I will consolidate these into a CD which will be released entitled "the Rutland Chronicles" for sale at £7.95 with all proceeds to the Sanctuary as usual. I will also post a few sample MP3's to this site soon. Stay tuned for further details.

8th July - Yakmobile Journey Report - here - £115 raised for charity

25th June - Yakmobile Update
Text just in from Cockermouth in Cumbria - end of journey in sight ! - Clutch repair holding out.

24th June - Yakmobile Update
Clutch fell off at Alton - otherwise journey progressing to plan - Clutch repaired btw

20th June - Yakmobile Update
With the adventure fast looming, Robin has spent the past two weeks preparing mentally and putting in altitude training in Spain. Robin rises at 5 am each day and rubs gravel into his hair for breakfast, then it's a 6 mile hill run and two practice tyre changes before lunch.

In the afternoon it's a classroom session on the route, hand signal practice and finally a technical meeting with the original Norman design team via a medium.

So, with touchdown back in the UK planned for tomorrow & the final NASA heat resistant tiles to be fitted on Friday we are all looking forward to a fabulous weekends motoring.

There is still time to be the 6th sponsor (or 7th) see the link below for the on-line form.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

25th May - The Yakmobile - see here  Robin raises funds for Charity!
£115 pledged so far (@1/6)

21st May - Images from the 2006 Rehearsal now live!
See here

20th May - Progressive Ears
Yak are now listed with this excellent site & hopefully a review will be forthcoming in the near future - Thanks Floyd !!

15th May - Yak at Myspace
Now if you want to waste even more time you can logon to the Yak page at myspace. The URL is www.myspace.com/yaktunes 

See you there ! - Big thanks to all who have added Yak as a friend - both of you eheh

10th May - Yak Rehearsal goes without a hitch
Well as you will see from the pictures when I get them to post, the poor cottage took a bit of a beating! It really was in the middle of nowhere - not another property in sight, even from the upstairs window (when there was an upstairs..) This was the perfect setting to make a lot of noise - we duly obliged. We played the whole of the w/e not finishing before about 4 am on both days - anyone passing would have heard the Yak version of Led Zep's Rock 'n' Roll blasting out into the small hours & also a few Supertramp numbers. Fortunately no-one was passing... 

The "Material" is being worked on by Robin & as soon as I have it in MP3 format I will post some highlights here !

At least some Yak numbers were rehearsed including the latest piece entitled "Entangled in Dreams"

Stay tuned for more irregular updates

4th April - 1st CD sales this year - well no sooner than I posted what I posted below, up pops a request to buy 2 copies of DSoTD ! - Thanks Mary Beth & Jamie !! + now another one - thanks Matt !

2nd April - Yakmoot update - a new venue has become available for the May session - a remote cottage just outside Melton Mowbray. This is excellent news as it means we can set up, and stay set up for the whole two days without all that carting too & from a rehearsal studio & base camp. Also, being so remote, we can make as much noise as we like ! On the music side I am working on a couple of new tracks, "Dearly Departed" is quite a sad & nostalgic piece (well I think so anyway) and a piece called "Entangled in Dreams" which has a strong 7/8 riff in the middle. I hope to release MP3 clips soon. Robin, in between working on the restoration of the fabled Yakmobile (here) is working on a track called "Misty Mountains". Again we should be able to publish a clip soon.

Bad news on the raising funds for the Sanctuary front as we I ain' t sold a single CD this year ! - still, it could be worse, it could be raining - Oh it is raining...

6th Feb - 2006 Yakmoot - following months of careful arrangements the venue and date for the next Yak rehearsal has been finally agreed.  Nottingham received the most votes and will again be the city selected to host this most auspicious gathering on 7/8th May - note that isn't a time signature - although it might as well be. 

Stay tuned for further updates - also a review of Does you Yak Bite?  is about to be published by "Badedas the Blue" alias "Master Snack Bearer" alias "T S Mann Esq". This will feature on Progarchives as well as this site.

18th Jan - Yak Streaming on www.last.fm - If you have checked this out, you may have noticed that the site lists a lot of tracks by Yak, which are not by Yak at all! - This is because there is an error on the site which is connecting bands to Yak which have "yak" as part of their name. This is being sorted.

13th December - New Review Published - An excellent 5 star review has been published on ProgArchives by Imogen Reid. I have published the entire review here and added it's summary to the main reviews page here. You can check out the original here

There is just enough time to order a copy of "Dark Side of the Duck" or the live "Does your Yak Bite?" as a present for Christmas - festive wrapping paper included at no extra cost !

Those of you familiar with the Tower Hill Stables website will possibly know that following getting booted in the head by Dolly the Shire, I have just returned from a successful operation to repair a hernia (I had no idea it was even broken?) and am recovering at home. I hope to use this 'rest' time to work on new material as soon as I am able.

10th October - A historic moment as Ralph personally oversees the negotiations for the 1st official sale of the latest Yak CD - 'Does your Yak bite? - a live jam' I understand that many areas in Nottingham have broken out with impromptu street parties. Details of this CD are on the MP3 page

8th October - Dave Hopton has sent me a terrific track by track review of the DSoTD album which I have published here

6th October - Music page updated - The Live CD from the jam in May is now officially  available - 'Does your Yak bite?' 44 mins & 24 seconds running time. As with DSoTD I will issue a copy free to you subject to a minimum donation of £8 to tower hill stables animal sanctuary - mail me for details or order on line on the music page

6th September - Review published at Prognaut - Many thanks to Ron Fuchs who runs the Prognaut website for publishing another positive review about the album
"It is one of the more wonderful new instrumental releases and I hope that Yak makes more Yakmusic for us all" says Ron ! - see the review here or on the reviews page of this site.

1st September - Gig Rumor Circulating - there is a rumor going round that a gig will take place letter this year in Bungay Suffolk. I have visions of Spinal Tap's freeform jazz exploration gig - including the festival crowd. I need to talk further with the source of this exciting news & will report back anon

13th August - I have updated the reviews page to now include all the externally published reviews of the CD. You can still click through to the websites the reviews appear on, but I have copied all the text to the reviews page to make it easier

10th August I received some very complimentary feedback on the CD from Peter Schouten who is well known within the on-line Kurzweil community. I have published his comments on the reviews page. (Kurzweil is the make of my Keyboard).

27th July - I have posted 2 more clips on the MP3 page and these are clips from 2 of the tracks which will feature on the 'Journey of the Yak' album which I hope to release early next year. I have prepared more clips from the May jam & these will be featuring soon - stay tuned to this channel!

22nd July - New MP3 clips - The Live EP should be available soon, but in the meantime I will start to post a few sample MP3 clips on the MP3 page HERE

10th July - Yak are listed in the ProgArchives website - you can post your own reviews of Yak material at this site !

28th May -  The 1st rehearsal for 21 years - went really well, as expected of course...  Ralph, Robin & I met at Hod Hall Friday night (19th May) & we discussed a plan of action. As expected much toast & tea were consumed and whilst an early night was planned it was not until 5 am that the lights finally went out. On Saturday we arrived at the rehearsal studio in Nottingham, met Max the new bassist & went for the now traditional opening jam in Am (when I say traditional I mean at least once every 21 years!!).

All Sunday was spent playing too & about 4 and a half hours of material was captured on tape at varying quality. Robin is at this precise moment preparing the long awaited live 'Highlights of Yak Volume 4' CD which will be available for purchase from this very website. (well issued free subject to donation to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary)

We played all the way through 'Leylines' without going wrong, which is more than we ever achieved all those years ago. 'Aragorn' too also featured. Work commenced on a number of new riffs and pieces including the epic "The Battle of Pogles Wood" which saw the light of day for the first time.

A couple of improvisations came out well, called "Himalaya" & "The road goes ever on" & these will feature on the new CD.

Stay tuned for further updates - Pictures downloaded so far are now live in the photo archives

20th May - Airplay for Yak - Progressive Soundscapes radio have requested a copy of the CD for airplay which is great news - I will let you know where & when as soon as I hear.

3rd May - Band News - Yak will be rehearsing as planned mid May, although instead of Suffolk we will be in Nottingham ! - stay tuned for further updates. As Sy Snell will be unavailable for comment we will be joined by Max, by coincidence, also from Nottingham on Bass. As well as working on new Yak riffs we also plan to record a Yak version of the Yes track 'Siberian Khatru' although with probably a more Nepalese feel

2nd May - Another review published by Jessica Attene from the Arlequins Italian Progressive Rock website. Unfortunately I am ashamed to say that my Italian isn't up to much ! but I think the gist is that they give the CD the thumbs up & say that it is definitely worth a listen !! If you can provide a pukka translation I will post it on the site. See the review here

30th March - Another excellent review is published by Sergio Motta of the Brazilian Progressive Rock and Metal website. Click here to see it (scroll down the page to find the CD)

28th March - Interview with Sergio Vilar from the Nucleus Progressive Music Website is published - click here to read it

7th March Three quarters of Yak are planning to get together for the weekend in May at a strategically positioned cottage in the depths of the Suffolk countryside. We plan to work on new material and will record the events for posterity ! Very sadly Yak Bassist Sy Snell is unable to make it on this occasion. Applications for position of bass can be sent to me on the above e mail link together with your CV and completion of the following sentence in no more than 12 words. "I would like to play bass for Yak because...." Judges decision is final & there are no cash alternatives.

18th January - Another good review of Dark Side of the Duck is published by Tom Karr of Progressiveworld.net. Click here to read it.

2nd Jan - New link established - Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira has kindly linked his progressive rock website to this site - see Carlos' site here or on the links page

25th December - A second Brazilian radio station has requested a copy of the album for air play - I heard back from the Pittsburgh radio station who said he had been giving the album air time & would send the stats through.

Also a band moot was held on 10th December at Ruskin Studios, Hod Hall, Northampton. Unfortunately Sy Snell was unable to attend. New recordings were discussed but much of the evening resolved around toast - see picture archives

19th October - An excellent review of the Dark Side of the Duck album is published by James Unger on his website "Ungers Wonderful World of Progressive Rock". Click here to 
read it & scroll down the page to find the album.

7th October - Yaksongs Yahoo Group now up to 5 members - question is though can Yahoo cope with this volume?

17th September - 2 Yak Music Sales Representatives appointed - see photo archives

1st September - Dark Side of the Duck reviewed by Marc Roy of ProGGnosis - click here to see it

25th August - Photo Archives updated with a few pics from the Grassmere moot

23rd August - Yaksongs Yahoo Group established - yes the yahoo group "yaksongs" is up & running with one member so far - conversation a little one sided at the mo... see the page here

12th Aug - Squadron Leader Iain Walsh purchases a copy !

6th Aug Another sale ! £131 now raised

2nd Aug - Album Sale ! - 10 now - total raised for Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary is £111

28th July 2004

Returned from successful band "moot" in Grassmere, Cumbria - Agreed to get together later in the year to record some new material - watch this space for details

Positive review by Proglands.com - see site here (well it was here, but the site has died!)

General News

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