I'm always interested in instrumental music with ambient qualities and this opener hits the spot with its minimalist Eno overtones. There's great depth of tone utilising simple yet wonderfully powerful chords creating an intense atmosphere. I'm hooked already!

This track has the first introduction to the superb piano sound used throughout the album. The track has some great orchestral brass lines. A highlight too is the excellent synth line doing a great interpretation of an electric guitar. The drums are quite superb - clear and precise - as are the synth bass and percussion. Overall this track reminds me of UK (though I can't put my finger exactly why!) with a hint of the IQ precursor The Lens. Great melodies, counter melodies and harmonies.

Leylines of Yak
A definite ELP sounding introduction preludes a Wakemanesque solo fest of driving keyboards interspersed with more laid back passages of pure compositional skill. The way this track seamlessly travels from start to finish is just excellent. Top musicianship and a top track.

I can't quite place what this tracks reminds me of. The Enid perhaps? Maybe its the orchestral intro which oozes classical finesse. In comes the drums and a pulsing bass line and a series of musical interludes which remind me of a Tony Banks structural solo a al "The Cinema Show" or similar. Again the drums and bass are exemplary. Foot tapping progressive rock at its best - probably my favourite on the album.

Bruford around the "One of a Kind" era is what this reminds me of with lots of great bass synth guitar runs which Jeff Berlin would be proud off (perhaps!) and the drums are just perfect again. The fade in of the rhythm half way through is so effective. The sequence segues into a tranquil piano piece and a great track is concluded.

Pulsing synth bass introduces a melody which sticks in your head forever! Included here is a synth guitar solo which is really well observed sharing melodic duties with flute lines. A short but memorable piece of music.

Synth atmospheres kick off a track which can only be described as complete prog rock heaven. Great piano jams, synth solos, and changing time signatures which never sound contrived which is quite a trick! This piece of music highlights your skill as a musician and composer. Another of my favourites.

The Swan
This is a piano piece which has a definite Satie feel. Think "Gymnopodie No.1". However it is far from a minimalist track and includes much, much more in the way of melody and synth embellishments which gives it a really unusual character. It is certainly different from the other tracks on the album and that is no criticism as it probably my absolute favourite.

To Conclude
It is obvious you're a talented musician and have a delicate but expert feel for composition. The drum programming is unequalled (I've not heard programmed drums anywhere which sound so good) and the synthesis of bass and guitar lines is proof of your musicianship.
It hardly needs mentioning that your keyboard / piano playing is top notch. The crisp production is excellent and makes me very jealous!
Any negatives? Not really - maybe a bit short but CDs are always far too long these days - full of substandard fillers. "Dark Side of the Duck" doesn't contain fillers. It is all very good indeed.

I look forward to your future projects.

All The Best
Dave H

Dave Hopton's Review of 'Dark Side of the Duck'
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