Me, Robin Hodder and Harvey S Beezwanger with Pavey Ark in the background
Harvey's review of the Dark Side of the Duck Album

In the course of my scholarly duties at the University of Bratislava (formerly Minsk College of Nugatory Arts), I was given a free copy of a CD called DARK SIDE OF THE DUCK by YAK and what a revelation it turned out to be! The inner section, round and silver, although at first a trivial plaything, has now found a permanent home between my ice box and the mangle, creating better dampcoursing and more plastic. The pictures and wording inside have proved of enormous benefit covering up one or other of my exhausts during difficult bathtimes.

For the technical among us, I have identified a retroflexive hinge on the dorsal flange and have stress-tested same.

ONLY FOUR STARS because my copy had a hole in it.

I would, however, like to praise Messrs Hodder, Wynn, Morgan and Snell for their photograph, which is a thing of beauty, though misunderstood by Mrs. Beeswanger.

Now for a feast!!!

Harvey S. Beeswanger (dec'd)