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Genesis - Firth of Fith

The software I am using to score this is free & is called Finale Notepad 2005. I dare say that the versions you can buy have more flexibility, but this free one does the job. Unfortunately it  cannot cope with odd time signatures or time changes mid track, so I have had to score it in standard 4/4 time which is fine, but means that where notes cross bar lines I have had to use tie's. The result is OK, just looks odd. ALSO where triplets occur across a bar line, it won't let you do it ! So I have had to use just 2 quavers & add the 3rd one & the triplet sign in manually !!

I tackled this job as two files within Notepad & as a result there is an extra beat to take into account at the bottom of page 2 (if you have previously seen page 2 - look again)

Pages 3 & 4 are now here - let me know if you spot any errors - I think it is all OK
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Here is my version for you to hear !